The Relevance of the Western Left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Feb 13 12:09:30 MST 2001

>Louis is correct.  This post was written in the context of a flame war waged
>against me by Henwood and others on SR, that started with Henwood claiming
>NAFTA is good for US workers and ended with the usual Henwood's attack on
>World dictator who oppose IMF, the same dictators that were the darlings
of the
>CIS during the Cold War.

This is the weirdest god-damned list in cyberspace. I unsubbed a couple of
months ago after getting fed up with Michael Pugliese's Serb-baiting. The
list was started by the editorial board of Socialist Register who *never*
post anything. So in a given week you might find something I cc'd that I
wrote for the Marxism list originally, some of Pugliese's garbage, Sid
Shniad's generally quite useful crosspostings from the daily press, and
things that were of no interest to anybody not living in Toronto or going
to York University.

Meanwhile, I know for a fact that people like Leo Panitch, the list owner,
have a morbid fascination with what is posted there. Since unsubbing, I
have had occasional private mail with him, who shares my interest in the
Yiddish left. But for all practical purposes, the list never really found a
reason for existence. My guess is that all the muckety-mucks who are subbed
there are afraid to post anything for fear of being embarrassed. I know
that feeling well. It's the reason I always shunned the locker room in high

Louis Proyect
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