The Relevance of the Western Left

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>Louis is correct.  This post was written in the context of a flame war waged >against
me by Henwood and others on SR, that started with Henwood claiming >NAFTA is
good for US workers and ended with the usual Henwood's attack on Third >World
dictator who oppose IMF, the same dictators that were the darlings of the >CIS
during the Cold War. > >Henry   >This is the weirdest god-damned list in
cyberspace. I unsubbed a couple of >months ago after getting fed up with Michael
Pugliese's Serb-baiting.    

btw, that character occupies other lists with CIA type *spams* against Serbia
and China. He is the most disgusting and low quality red baiter I have ever seen on
the planet. I wonder the intellectual quality of the lists he is subbed to,
since his self-paranoia and idiocy are even worse than Alan Maki's. Last time, I
had a fight with him on wsn when he went overboard with bashing Jared Isreal and
several people from marxism list and L-I, dropping names one by one.He
disappeared, and then showed up on pen-l. Every list needs such stars, as a
matter of fact. It is thus a matter of taking the trouble to keep him.      
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