The Relevance of the Western Left

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Tue Feb 13 15:35:42 MST 2001

  >This is hilarious! A break (and reversal towards >capitalism) is passed off
as continuity.  

  Sid, I think you are a little bit off the mark here. What is your evidence of
radical *discontinuity* with socialism in China besides the party declarations
of Deng? You need to look at the class structure of China. Full capitalism has
not taken place there. Is there a market system with a capitalist property
ownership? Is there a capitalist class fully in control of the economic process?
Not yet. Chinese business networks, which emphasizes the dynamism of *family based
enterprises*, show very little resemblance to capitalist enterprises in the
West. I think that the picture of Chinese socialism is more complex than  you
simplify. True that it is not the socialism of Mao, but it is not an American
capitalism either.   After all, we should discuss ways of  restoring socialism
in China rather than taking the mainstream view of  there is no alternative, and
China is doomed to become a capitalist regime.      Xxxx   --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx
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