Marxism and Mathematics

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Feb 13 15:45:52 MST 2001

Sid said:

> This causes confusion since on the rhs we put y = x
> but on the lhs we say y -> x, which is not consistent.

this is incorrect.

standard classical mystical calculus _defines_ the derivative as the limit
as y -> x of your ratio [f(y)-f(x)] / (y-x).

and since lim y->x  y+x = 2x, whats the big deal???

           y^2 - x^2               (y+x) (y-x)
lim y->x   ---------  = lim y->x    ---------   = lim y->x   y+x = 2x
             y-x                     y-x

case closed....

les schaffer

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