The Relevance of the Western Left

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>Of course the Asian Left is not single dimensional.   Liberal democrats in Asia
>may be dissidents, but they are not the left, despite the fact that they may be
>viewed by the West as the left. No leftist in Asia would promote liberal >democracy
or human rights, although many groups do, but they are not leftist >groups.  You
may be correct that I may have universalized the Chinese Left, but >it is
justifiable because at this moment in history, China is the banner holder >of
institutional Leftism.  ---  

That is very true. The end of the cold war sort of created a discourse, not only
among Chinese liberal left but also among the western left, of the end of
"institutional leftism", "irrelevance of Leninism" and " state socialism". This
is really dangerous in terms of loosing the "state" as a legitimate ground in
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