August Willich

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Wed Feb 14 02:09:35 MST 2001

Philip Ferguson wrote:

> > I am interested in finding out more
> >about an early marxist called August von Willich. He was a Prussian,
> >born in 1810, and a captain in the Prussian army who resigned from the
> >army in 1846 and took part in the 1848 revolution. He then went to the
> >US where he was a notably effective Union officer in the Civil War. He
> >subsequently studied under Marx in Berlin and then returned to Ohio
> >where he died in 1878.

Marx himself wrote a good deal about Willich, but in a satirical mode.
Check out on the Marx and Engels Internet Archive for a work entitled
of the Exile". It's a farce co-authored by the two in the 1850's and
starring Willich,
Arnold Ruge and a certain Kinkel. It's certainly not one of Marx's major
works but should be read by anyone dealing with this character and his
relation to marxism.

João Paulo Monteiro

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