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Wed Feb 14 11:33:16 MST 2001

Philip Ferguson wrote:
>So they must have changed views on the traveller issue too.

Name an issue thay haven't changed views on in recent years.

>Because he is seen as the person who both stood up to the
>Brits and brought peace

SF has good spin doctors, that much is apparent.  The popular image of Adams is nearly
a total opposite of the reality.

>A lot of people who had gotten interested in Marxism while in
>jail drifted away, especially in the north.  Siome of them are
>probably now associated with 'Forthwrite' and the Irish Writers

Or the IRSP.  Despite what some of our detrtactors claim, we have been steadily
growing over the past few years.  We've opened new offices in Dublin and Strabane, and
I believe we'll be doing the same in Cork and Derry.  We had quite a few Dublin SFers
come over to our movement last year.

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