The Relevance of the Western Left

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> the Chinese -
> thus cast in the mould of a general socialist view
> of the world- version of the
> youthful USA of the mid 1700s.  There would be very
> solid reasons supporting
> this path, even from a strictly _socialist_ point of
> view.

But Liu Shaochi, Deng, Peng, Zemin, etc do not have a
socialist view of the world. Their line all along was
the bourgeois/elitist line which, all through the long
and tortuous course of the Chinese revolution and
beyond, was in opposition to Mao's mass line (Mao's
group was a minority in the party for most of the
time). As said  before, they are not socialists in any
sense at all, look at their concrete actions and not
their words. They may hang Mao's portrait in Tiananmen
and pay lip service to socialism - but it is a mirage.
Their concrete actions have been amply documented by
Hinton and Weil.

> The basic attitude, of course, is the important
> thing, which is mainly not to
> wield to the mainstream view, not to allow them to
> defeat ourselves in the
> battlefield that is the brain of each one who reads
> this.

The basic attitude should be governed by what is the
truth and not falsehood and smokescreens. And in the
long run, it does not matter what the mainstream media
(whether of the west or east) say. The mainstream
media, anyway, reflects the viewpoint of the minority
class in power. But over the long run, the truth will
emerge however much it is tried to be suppressed now.

The reasons for the capitalist restoration in China
(and in Russia also) are because of internal
contradictions in those societies, and not external
causes. That is, it is no use blaming the western or
any other left for non-support to China or the western
mass media for the course of events in China from 1978
on. The reasons for the re-emergence of the new owning
class in these societies, and as a consequence, a
reversal in the direction of the transition, are to be
sought in the historical conditions of these
societies. This is a crucial topic in itself.


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