Nepal's Maoist Rebels clash with police (2-14-01) (Forwarded frommarxism-international)

David Welch david.welch at
Wed Feb 14 20:17:58 MST 2001

AFX World news update - Nepal Maoist rebels, police clash; five killed
AFX Europe; Feb 14, 2001

Five people including four Maoist rebels and a policeman have been killed
and three other policemen injured in two separate clashes in western
Nepal, a home ministry official said.

"The Maoist insurgents - clashed with police guards at different districts
in western and eastern Nepal," ministry official GB Pandey said.

In the past, the government has been accused by some analysts and foreign
news organizations of inflating the number of rebels killed and minimizing
its own losses. For example, in eastern Nepal, a number of successes were
claimed against the rebels last year, even though the Maoist presence has
increased exponentially in that region of the country, according the
government's own sources.  "Every time Kapthandu [press ministry in the
capital] claims victory, you can be sure the rebels have won another
round," said one source close to the armed forces.  "There is real
demoralization setting in amongst the middle and upper echelons of the
army and national police."

There have been more actions reported so far this year than in all of
1996, the year Maoist guerrillas began their rebellion, according to
sources.  The rebels model their struggle after the Shining Path of Peru,
which is also making a comeback in that country.

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