The Relevance of the Western Left

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> What are you thoughts on this? Do you think that China
> today is socialist?

Well, this is exactly the question ANY politician (not only a Marxist
politician, but ALSO a Marxist politician) will not answer unless strictly
necessary. I don't honestly see in what sense can the answer I give to this
question advance a single step forward my struggle for revolution and socialism
in my own country. So that I don't give too much of my thinking to solving such
a -sorry, Sid- _metaphysical_ (for me) conundrum.

Since you are asking for an answer, however, I will not leave you in the void:
I believe that _no_ country has ever become a socialist country. Transitional
situations are the result of revolutions having taken place under the direst
conditions. We are traversing a huge wave of global reaction, a wave which has
already swallowed Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. There are a few
states who have behaved gallantly under this wave: Cuba, for example, and also
China,  being in my own opinion the most notorious.

"Full blown capitalism", admittedly on my own book, means structural
reconstruction of the basic social and economic relations in order to comply
with the necessities of capital accumulation. You are trying to argue that this
is the path that the current Chinese leadership is following (though you admit
that they have not traversed it to the end), which may be true or not.

What I am sure is _not_ true is the equation "capitalism=market economy", and
its formal reverse"socialism=NO MARKET". Things are quite more complex in our
impoverished countries. So that the line of argument that I have seen in your
postings is not one that will convince me that China is NOT socialist (how
could it, by the way, if in my own view it has never been?).

What you are trying to say, however, is that the current Chinese leaders have
betrayed the march TOWARDS socialism. This I would not dispute, nor support. I
am no one to meddle in the complexities of things Chinese. If I ever decided
that it is important for revolution in Argentina to have things clear as
regards the Chinese situation, I will. But not now.

Since in my own country imperialist exploitation and the senility of a
capitalism that was born old put the most desperate requirements on any
revolutionary politician, I prefer to stick to my concreteness.

So that, sorry, I may have disappointed you: in the end, I will not answer your
question. I don't think that such a question has any relevance for the
advancement of revolution. I have agreed with Mark Jones not to take on the
Stalin-Trotsky issue on the Leninist International list (and this issue has not
little effect on Argentina, since it affects Europe directly and Argentina is
strongly influenced by Europe). You will not take me to a Mao-Deng issue, thank
you Sid.

Sorry, again.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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