The Relevance of the Western Left

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el 14 Feb 01, a las 20:06, S Chatterjee dijo (citando a Hinton):

> "June 4, 1989, stands as a stark watershed in China's
> modern history The slaughter of unarmed civilians by
> units of the Peoples Liberation Army as they blasted
> their way to Tiananmen Square illuminated the
> "reform" era as nothing else could. It lit up like a
> bolt of cosmic lightning the reactionary essence of
> China's current leading group.

With the wisdom that years give, one should also point out that whatever one
thinks of the Tienanmen events, it was thanks to them that China has been
spared the destiny of the Soviet Union. Chinese are not dying of cold or hunger
today. This is not to be taken lightly.

I would have preferred that the Chinese leaders had a different choice than
what happened at Tienanmen (and of course leaders have an important quota of
responsabilities for the choices they finally confront), but I am convinced to
the guts that the movement that was beginning there would have taken China down
the road to recolonization.

Of course, Sid may not agree with me. But believe me, Sid, ANYTHING is better
than becoming a colony again. To this day, China has succesfully avoided this
destiny. Not bad.

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