please trim your posts

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu Feb 15 09:54:05 MST 2001

The last several days i have noticed a number of posters are NOT trimming
the quoted text in messages, resulting in lots of extra text in each

Maybe when a debate on some topic starts to get heated, its tempting to
focus on specific responses and not so much on the form of the post. i think
this is a mistake. you may be getting all hot and bothered, but the rest of
us are sitting here wondering why we have to wade through screenfuls of
stuff to find out what you have to say.

So, please trim your posts when responding to someone else's message.

its starting to get tiresome saying this, so maybe i should take a hint from
Marx's playbooks and start ridiculing people in public when they don't abide
by this simple social contract. If you don't know how to use mouse and
keyboard to trim waste effortlessly, search the archives for posts by me
under the same subject ( i think ), you will find all you need to start

les schaffer

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