The Asian Left

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I think Henry also provokes such ire because of his very obvious base of
rich experiences as well as very deep knowledge. I remember when that
supposed neo-lib punk and asshole Brad DeLong got chewed up when his
cartoon-fascist view of Chinese history and present-day realities was
thoroughly exposed and trashed on pen-l by Henry and others. And further, as
for what Henry does to make a living or where he lives, really...; this is a
retreat to a place to go when one is unable to deal with some of the
concrete facts and ideas Henry and others are presenting--not even infantile
and certainly not anything leftist.

We have the same problem in Indian Country: neo-libs who want to "extend"
the neo-lib, World Bank/IMF privatization and trickle-down model to Indian
Country coupled with individuals on the U.S. "left", who know nothing about
the realities of Indian Country, who mechanically trash Indian spirituality
as just another opiate, who support revolution everwhere but where it is
really going on and "make/run revolution" everywhere but where they exist,
coming in and mechanically quoting from Mao, Trotsky, Lenin, Hoxha, Marx
etc. to tell us how a "real revolution" is supposed to be run. The result:
more hatred for non-Indians, more mistrust of the supposed U.S. left and
less willingness to explore the writings and practice of Mao and others
named and not named.

Jim Craven

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I think the fact that you get under so many "westerners" skins is an
indication of your revolutionary agitational skill .


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