The Relevance of the Western Left

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Thu Feb 15 12:00:49 MST 2001

S Chatterjee wrote:

> --- "Henry C.K. Liu" <hliu at> wrote:
> > Chatterjee is totally unprincipled.  He argues for a
> > Moaist campaign against revisionism, and then uses
> >Hinton's misguided view on the June 4
> > incident to condamn Deng.  If Deng were a
> > revisionist, he would not have
> > put down the June 4 protests and China would have
> > gone the way of Russia
> > in 1989.
> Henry,
> For pointing out the really gross, unprincipled and
> bloody behavior of Deng which killed thousands of
> unarmed civilians, as stated by Hinton himself (a
> great friend of China like you said) who was present
> at Tiananmen on June 4, 1989 (he wrote a report called
> "Eyewitness at Tiananmen), you direct this adjective
> at me. Well, the 'misquided' Hinton has not retracted
> his statements, has he?
> So Deng, who was accused of being a revisionist and
> capitalist roader during the GPCR (you always skip
> over this), was now himself suddenly defending
> socialism at Tiananmen as you imply above?

The GPCR degenerated into a destructive factional fight in its later
phase.  The fact that Deng survived it with the protection of Mao and
Zhou and re-emerged as a future leader ought to tell you something.

> According
> to Hinton (who was there at Tiananmen), the majority
> of the people killed belonged to the working class
> (the capitalistically inclined student leadership
> shown repeatedly by the opportunistic western TV were
> a minority faction); they were marching against the
> capitalist excesses and corruption of Deng and were
> singing the Internationale.

It take real imagination to link the Tiananmen incident with the
suppression of the working class.

> Anyway, let us call a halt to this discussion since it
> will not bring enlightenment on any side. You and the
> others are of course free to believe and propagate
> what you wish to. But one thing. Do not smuggle in
> personal attacks made on you by "white people" on
> other lists or the alleged perfidy of the western left
> vis a vis China in order to take up an injured air of
> innocence with which to shore up your political views.
> That would not be principled behavior.

This is another example of your linking the unconnected facts to support
illogical conclusions.  My unsubbing from RS had its root with personal
attacks from Henwood and the SR moderation blaming the target instead of
the target shooter.  It has nothing to do with this thread.  My
political views do not need shoring up and the perfidy of Henwood and SR
were not merely alleged.  They happened. I provided written evidence.
The term "white people" was not made by me but by an Asian supporter on
the SR list.  I have not accused the Western Left of perfidy in general,
I merely suggest that it came from a very different historical
experience and the believes in democracy, freddom and human rights are
not universallly shared, and that to conclude that those who do not
support these slogan of being despots in missing the point.  I did not
even challenge most of your data, I merely say that they do not support
you conclusion that the CPC is no longer working to lead China toward


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