Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Thu Feb 15 12:39:26 MST 2001

--- Maryann Bowers <maryannbowers at>
> Adam, while I'm delighted you found Doc Boggs' music
> on Napster, don't you
> think old Doc would have preferred you to have paid
> for his work, which is
> available in its entirety on CDNow, so that he could
> be remunerated for
> providing you so much enjoyment?

#1) DocK Boggs is dead. He died quite poor, actually.
(Let's hear it for the record companies.) But hey, at
least the folks over at CDNow are still making money
off him, right? You must be thrilled.

#2) You still cling to the illusion that the artist
gets something from record sales.

#3) You brought up a point, which you are now
ignoring. You claimed that Napster would result in
fewer choices. I pointed out that it would result in
MORE choices, since distributing music is no longer
relegated to million-dollar record labels. Dock Boggs
was merely an example. Either concede the point or
argue based on facts--don't change the subject.

#4) A growing number of artists are releasing their
music for free using Napster,, and similar
services. This is a simple FACT; you can find their
pages on if Napster goes offline. It's a
quick, efficient, and FREE way for artists to
distribute their music without signing over their
souls to some sleazebag in an Armani suit. Obviously,
artists AREN'T having a problem with having their mp3s
sent around. If the record companies are being so kind
and generous--wasn't "in good faith" the phrase you
used?--you have to wonder why artists are flocking to
these services as fast as the fans are.

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