Poland: nostalgia for socialist principles

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Thu Feb 15 16:12:38 MST 2001

'Poland counts the cost'....      After reading this commentary,  I'm
not sure if Germany is trying to make Poland the Mexico of Europe, or if
it is the other way around.... the US is trying to make Mexico into the
Poland of the Americas?

Tony Abdo
In 1998 Poland attracted about 40% of all direct foreign investment in
Central and Eastern Europe, representing more than $22bn at the end of

The impoverished Poles are living on credit. This poses a threat to the
macro-economic balance and debt repayments are set to rise from $2.8bn
in 2000 to $4bn in 2004.......

The Poles are unwilling to be cast in the role of policeman, acting as a
filter for immigration between the "poorer part of Europe" and the third
world on the one hand, and the "tight-knit coterie of the wealthy" on
the other (10). Businessmen in Bialystok have come out strongly against
this policy. Former Solidarity leader Henryk Wujec sums it up: "All the
EU leaders want is to keep the border closed" (11). Jacek
Saryusz-Wolski, who represents Poland in the negotiations with Brussels,
says: "We are not interested in continuing to be the last outpost on the
outer edge of the EU. The eastern border should be a bridge, not a wall"

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