The Relevance of the Western Left

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Thu Feb 15 16:21:48 MST 2001

Charles Brown wrote:

> >>> schatterjee2001 at 02/15/01 01:12PM >>>
> --- "Henry C.K. Liu" <hliu at> wrote:
> > Chatterjee is totally unprincipled.  He argues for a
> > Moaist campaign against revisionism, and then uses
> >Hinton's misguided view on the June 4
> > incident to condamn Deng.  If Deng were a
> > revisionist, he would not have
> > put down the June 4 protests and China would have
> > gone the way of Russia
> > in 1989.
> Henry,
> For pointing out the really gross, unprincipled and
> bloody behavior of Deng which killed thousands of
> unarmed civilians, as stated by Hinton himself (a
> great friend of China like you said) who was present
> at Tiananmen on June 4, 1989 (he wrote a report called
> "Eyewitness at Tiananmen), you direct this adjective
> at me. Well, the 'misquided' Hinton has not retracted
> his statements, has he?
> ((((((((((
> CB: Are you saying that the protestors  in Tiananamen square in 1989 were protesting
>against the experiments with the market and for socialist economics ? That was not
>what I heard them calling for. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the market.

If there were socialists and anti-revisionists protesters in Tien-an-men (and I
believe there were) this
only proves the frailty of naked human (oh, all too human) convictions in the face of
powerful historical forces. Victory for the protests could only have led China on the
path of compradorization, possibly even to secession and a bloody anarchy.

Take Yugoslavia. I'm sure there were many honest patriots in the anti-Milosevic camp.
Maybe even Kostunica is one of them. In fact, one of the favorite propaganda tricks of
the Djindjic mob was calling Milosevic a traitor and a sell-out. They quite
literally used CIA money to drive this message to the serbian people.

Now Milosevic is out and the gates are wide open for the enemy.

Imperialism doesn't much care for the color of their cats either. Or the color they
chose to portray themselves in.

João Paulo Monteiro

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