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Friends, please circulate!

New on the Association for Union Democracy website
( -- click on "What's New?")

1) "Question of the Month": every month we will have new questions and
answers about legal rights and organizing.

2) Articles from the latest Union Democracy Review: "In Canada: Auto Workers
and Carpenters defy U.S. internationals," and "Democracy runs express in NYC
Transit election."

3) Articles from "Punch List!" the brand new quarterly publication of the
AUD Women's Project, edited by Valerie Park. The current issue contains:
"Firework!!!," "Union Summer Lone Star Style," "Remembering Rosie's Legacy,"
and more. Subscriptions are $15 per year.

4) New Link: Rank and File 25 a website for and by members of IBEW local 25
that's got local leaders out of sorts.

5) Spring Classes at AUD start March 15 -- sign up now! The full schedule
will be posted this week.

6) New handout online and in PDF: "Cyber-democracy: legal rights of union
members online"

Yours for union democracy,

Matt Noyes
Association for Union Democracy
500 State Street Brooklyn NY 11217
aud at

"Union Democracy--For a Strong Labor Movement"

Louis Proyect
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