The Relevance of the Western Left

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Thu Feb 15 16:47:26 MST 2001

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> "Henry C.K. Liu" wrote:
> > I have met Mao and had listen to him at close range
> > for hours.
> Really? Now *this* is interesting. So what do you think of Quan Yanchi's
> "Mao Zedong: Man, Not God"? It struck me as surprisingly accurate and
> balanced.
> -- Dennis

I have a fancy for good old Mao, which has increased lately.
My only problem with him really is the cult he has promoted (or allowed)
around his person.
This was bad enough in the original. But when you consider the epigones
("Gonzalo", Avakian, etc.) it gets really distressing. In Portugal too we
have an old maoist who retreats *into the mountain* for deep thinking. From
time to time he comes down and gives a press conference to reveal the true
word of the proletarian revolution, lashing out with majestic furor. In
fact, he is an ignorant and a bore (a conclusion even his most faithful
disciples are now painfully reaching).

I have just ordered "Mao: a life" by Philip Short. I know nothing about the
author. Has anybody read this book and cares to comment?

João Paulo Monteiro

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