Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Feb 15 18:04:57 MST 2001

Adam Levenstein:

> Actually - this is where Napster is beneficial. It
> doesn't discriminate. You can find everything from
> Metallica to obscure local bands who are trying to get
> their name out. I was able to find Dock Boggs
> (old-time banjo player) recordings on Napster. Dock
> Boggs! If you can find a single National Record Mart,
> Wherehouse Music, or Sam Goody that carries his
> recordings, I'll be stunned.

Without Napster, I wouldn't have some 100 Phil Ochs tracks. Only once in a blue moon
or six is he carried by the local record shops. And I simply can't afford the 25
bucks they want for 40 minutes of music. Paul Robeson is an even better example. I
managed to find him singing the USSR's national anthem! Go find Richard Branson
selling that...

Several radically different music takes have been found on Napster as well, that I
would never have heard of otherwise. This means I get to hear them, they are
de-commodified for me as well, since I would never have thought of them otherwise.
Now, I find music and I have a very different relationship than in the past. I no
longer view music as something I contemplate whether or not I can afford. It is
simply there. The people I know who like to own "status" crap still buy albums. The
industry continues to make BILLIONS (indeed, profits are growing still) and new
people are breaking through, as Adam points out.


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