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> individuals on the U.S. "left", who know nothing about
> the realities of Indian Country, who mechanically trash Indian spirituality as
> just another opiate, who support revolution everwhere but where it is really
> going on and "make/run revolution" everywhere but where they exist, coming in
> and mechanically quoting from Mao, Trotsky, Lenin, Hoxha, Marx etc. to tell us
> how a "real revolution" is supposed to be run. The result: more hatred for
> non-Indians, more mistrust of the supposed U.S. left and less willingness to
> explore the writings and practice of Mao and others named and not named.

Hah, so that you face the same problems we face here! There is even a quip on
those Argentinean "revolutionaries" who admire the "negros" abroad and despise
the "negros" at home (please keep in mind that in Argentina, the word has a
dula sense, meaning both people of African origin -such as, say, Negroes in
Algeria or Cuba- and Argentinean working class Creole). Probably nothing has
been more harmful to the Left than this -apparently worldwide- tendency.

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