at last!

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Feb 15 22:20:39 MST 2001

I am really stunned that you would use the term `stealing'. It isn't accurate nor
appropriate from a Marxist perspective. If you consider intellectualy property
something that can be stolen, then I guess there is little to say in response. What I
thought of your position on your original post was something different: A genuine
concern for artists' survival. But you have talked about something else. Defense of
property, which when violated constitues theft. A different language entirely.

And, finally, the last point: The locations you speak of Ochs and Robeson being
available via the `Net would require that I get a credit card. I'd sooner get a cell
phone, and I ain't doing that either.



> Nobody wants to see Gerald Levin and Richard Branson richer.  But I stand by
> my point that stealing the music doesn't help the people at the bottom of
> the food chain.

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