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Fri Feb 16 04:41:47 MST 2001

> From: Mervyn Hartwig
> Kelly was a nihilist and a petit bourgeois thug, a dingo (which is
> Strine for 'fox':  'The fox condemns the trap, not himself.' and 'The
> fox provides for himself; but God provides for the lion.' - William
> Blake.)

Dingoes aren't foxes.

The link Tom O'Lincoln forwarded contains a better description of Kelly's
character and social role than Mervyn's.

(I have to admit here, though, that I am a very distant relative of Kelly!)

> The void at the heart of the Oz character is that of the country in
> which the lower middle class, which knows the price of everything but
> the value of nothing, is the measure of all things. As in California,
> and the world of Mickey Mouse in general, 'there is no there there'.
> Apart from Gary and an offspring and friend or two of mine and his, that
> cop is probably the only decent person in the country.
> Ned Kelly told the schoolmaster, and the schoolmaster told the people,
> 'Don't dream too loud', and they certainly haven't.

Well you've certainly got a bug up your arse.

I get a bit bored by this kind of stuff:  the Australian working class has
its fair dose of philistinism, but it's the petit bourgeoisie that goes
around slagging them off.

And besides:  anyone that lives in the country that gave us Maggie Thatcher
and Tony Blair should be a little bit more careful what they say...  : )

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