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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Fri Feb 16 05:40:28 MST 2001

Not for the first time little Bradley is not up to it.  We know each other
well.  Too well perhaps to fool one another.  Bradley would have done well
to keep silence re Mervyn's post but that is too much to ask from someone
with more intelligence than wisdom.

Shame on you Bradley. The sad thing is that you will never, not ever, even
begin to understand what I am saying.



  you are are a true son of ToowpmbaAt 09:04  16/02/01 +1000, you wrote:
> > From: Mervyn Hartwig
> > Kelly was a nihilist and a petit bourgeois thug, a dingo (which is
> > Strine for 'fox':  'The fox condemns the trap, not himself.' and 'The
> > fox provides for himself; but God provides for the lion.' - William
> > Blake.)
>Dingoes aren't foxes.
>The link Tom O'Lincoln forwarded contains a better description of Kelly's
>character and social role than Mervyn's.
>(I have to admit here, though, that I am a very distant relative of Kelly!)
> > The void at the heart of the Oz character is that of the country in
> > which the lower middle class, which knows the price of everything but
> > the value of nothing, is the measure of all things. As in California,
> > and the world of Mickey Mouse in general, 'there is no there there'.
> >
> > Apart from Gary and an offspring and friend or two of mine and his, that
> > cop is probably the only decent person in the country.
> >
> > Ned Kelly told the schoolmaster, and the schoolmaster told the people,
> > 'Don't dream too loud', and they certainly haven't.
>Well you've certainly got a bug up your arse.
>I get a bit bored by this kind of stuff:  the Australian working class has
>its fair dose of philistinism, but it's the petit bourgeoisie that goes
>around slagging them off.
>And besides:  anyone that lives in the country that gave us Maggie Thatcher
>and Tony Blair should be a little bit more careful what they say...  : )
>Alan Bradley
>alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

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