: guns and principled, armed self-defense

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Fri Feb 16 10:37:14 MST 2001

Comrades, Colleagues, Combative Friends:

[An interesting discussion about firearms and self-defense has developed in
a  Left List of which I'm a member -- and, in due course, I sent this
message which links directly to an article of mine on my website.  My
 piece --  vigorously supporting principled, armed self-defense -- is based
on direct and first-hand experiences. It's "Civil Rights and Self-Defense"
and it was published in Against the Current in 1988. (And we've had a few
new experiences since then!)   Anyway, might as well send it around. --

 I have followed with considerable
 interest the discussion of firearms and self-defense.  You will  be
 interested in this article of mine [published under my then name of John R
 Salter, Jr] and based on direct and personal  self-defense experiences --
 which is summarized by this paragraph in the Index of my quite large
 website:  www.hunterbear.org    Following this explanatory Index paragraph,
 I've  herewith  given the specific, precise link to the article itself.
 You'll find it interesting and provocative.

         "Civil Rights and Self-Defense" by JRS/HG in the July/August 1988
 issue of the excellent socialist magazine, Against the Current.   This is a
 strong  and detailed statement on behalf of principled and sensible armed
 self-defense in social justice community organizing.   It is based on my [
 Hunter Gray's ] own experiences drawn from the organizing arenas of radical
 labor and civil rights.  The article has been widely reprinted into
 contemporary times. In addition, I have written considerable other material
 on this matter over a forty year period and continue to do so.  One of many
 earlier examples was a famous letter of mine -- "An Open Letter To The
 National Council To Control Handguns From A Civil Rights Activist" -- which
 was published as a full-page ad in The New Republic [November 19, 1977.]


 Fraternally,   Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]
 Hunter Gray

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