New labor code in Germany

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el 16 Feb 01, a las 15:09, Johannes Schneider dijo:

> > Could cdes. in Germany (particularly Johannes Schneider?) inform us on the
> new
> > labor code, which has been presented here as a progressive code that is
> being
> > opposed by capitalists?
> Hi Nestor,
> actually it is not a complete new labour code, but legislation about the
> rights of the works' councils. Beeing a work's council myself I am sorry to say
> the changes are very, very marginal. If you accept the whole framework you could
> say there are a few improvements compared to the current legislation, but these
> are very technical and really only of interest those ones who have to deal with
> the sections of the code on an everyday basis.

Thank you so much Johannes. I had a gut feeling that bourgeois press was
unreliable. As to the rest of your posting, I feel we are lucky to have an
active union militant on the list, and that this militant is you. Will read the
comments more slowly and then, probably, will ask for further explanations. The
union model in Germany has its points of interest in Argentina, where some show
its regulations as an interesting example where there is no room for managerial
secrecy, for example.

A hug from afar,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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