"Effective Citizenship": BBC's Remarkable Florida Scoop

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>Last night, one of the BBC channels in the U.K. aired an investigative
>piece on how Gov. Jeb Bush's administration carried out its operation to
>ensure that George W. Bush would "win" Florida. This remarkable piece
>apparently isn't the sort of thing one can see on American networks
>anymore, because it isn't part of the "new civility" nor is it a new
>"Clinton scandal."
>It still can be seen, however, at the BBC's Newsnight Web site -- at least
>until tonight (Thursday) when new programs are put up. The URL is:
>If that address doesn't work, try going to the basic BBC address for
>Newsnight and clicking on the program about Florida.

This must have been an exceptional item since I just received word from
Cynthia Cochran about it less than 15 minutes ago:

Louis, did you catch last night's BBC broadcast?  You MUST get a copy of the
film they made of a 'forced' interview with the manager of the Florida
outfit that made up the infamous 'Felons' lists.  It seems the Republicans
paid him $4,000,000 to make up the list of felons of Florida.  On checking
some of the lists was 95% in error.  The interview was an almost sueable
replica of Michael Moore's famous  Flint Auto expose. Stan saw it and
apolitical as he is, he put on this morning's 6:00 BBC in hopes it was
replayed.  He also watched all early morning American News Shows in hopes
they would have something to report on it. Nothing.  Not at all surprising
to us old hands, but obviously shocking...all of it... to those who feel
politics is of no concern to ordinary people.

I'm sending a copy to Sol in hopes that he may have some pull with Hollywood
muck-a-mucks to get a copy of that film.  As Stan said...they need to get
that out on the Internet!   See you.  Cynthia

Louis Proyect
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