Ned Kelly

Mervyn Hartwig mh at
Fri Feb 16 17:41:53 MST 2001

Dear Alan,

If a 'dingo' is not a 'fox', what is preventing you from discussing the
issues?  Viz:

Is all the stuff about support for the underdog, mateship, a classless
society etc an ideological smokescreen for class rule and inequality or
is it not? Isn't the myth-perpetuating novelist helping to perpetuate
the status quo?

Why are so many Australians suckers for such distortions? Does the NSW
Commissioner of Police not have a point? It all makes Strines feel
'great'. But why, when it's not even true? It's an illusory - and
stultifying and dangerous - source of feel-good, a cover for inner
loneliness and desolation, which has its source ultimately in pb
rootlessness (or aspiration to that state) and which issues politically
in a fundamental gutlessness (which, resigned to the unpalatable
inevitable, keeps trying to persuade itself and anybody who'll listen
that it doesn't).  Be like the lion!

Now, don't say I'm a patronizing pom, because I'm actually a lumpen Oz,
born just up the road from you.

If you want to deal in political personalities rather than the dynamics
of the global capitalist system - while Maggie and Ronnie led the way to
neo-liberalism, Hawkie and Keating (a latter day Ned Kelly if ever there
was one, a stylish boot boy) have the honour of being the first 'Labour'
prime ministers anywhere to do the dingo on the working class by getting
into it, and 'our Tony' has learnt only too well from them. Blair and
Blush dropping bombs over Bhagdad tonight...


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