The Relevance of the Western Left

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  btw, you have not cited anything besides Hinton and Weil's works. You bypassed
my reference to Cumming's article. You are constantly repeating yourself that Chinese
socialism is sold. Simply blaming Chinese leaders, you have completely
downplayed US imperialism, not even mentioned once, and in fact you are giving a
lip service to it by *not* mentioning it. All the sectarians like yourself
(Milo/Serbia bashing Owen was one of those too) end up finding themselves one
the side of allies against the "bad guys". Your conclusions lead you in the
direction of CIA/IMF/WB/US China bashing.   Henry has presented economic facts,
historical evidences and detailed background to Chinese political history. To be
able to judge them objectively, you need to cool down first!   Sorry, but you
are full of rhetoric and personal attacks Sid! You are also in the sectarian
habit of teaching introduction to socialism. Must be unique fellows in physical
sciences and engineering.   Mine

  There is another peculiar thing. Henry has not (masterfully perhaps) presented
any data or sources so far, while he acknowledges my sources are reliable. But
he says that Hinton is 'misguided', which is simply an assertion on his part -
nothing more. This form of practice (i.e., assertions about reality), which
seems to be a habit in social sciences (I have seen other such examples), would
be simply dismissed off in the physical sciences and engineering.   Thus, Henry
is adept at re-writing history, and it is history and its falsification that we
are primarily concerned with here. Of course, a stern criticism has been
levelled in this list that this discussion will not contribute to anything
pragmatic (and pragmatism was one of the characteristics of Liu and Deng).
Pragmatism allows one to beat two sides of the drum at the same time (i.e.,
neither confirm nor deny), maintian friendly relations, and keep options open to
switch sides rapidly if it is necessary to do so in the future. One wonders
though how this 'virtue' relates to the quest for scientific truth. Anyway, be
that as it may, this is the last time I will say anything more on this thread in
this list.   Regards,   Sid              
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