MS Statement on the Intifada

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This is interesting and new to me. I have not noticed before a statement from the
Israeli left on the Palestinian issue. Previously, in my discussions with Julio
Pino, he was telling me that Isrealie left had become a proxy for western
imperialism, and there is nothing we can expect progressive from them about the
Palestinian cause--self-determination. He was saying that only a radical
religious organizing Hamas or Hizbullahi is dedicated to promise a liberation
for Palestinians (at the moment). The article ends with a demand  "For a
socialist Israel alongside an independent, socialist Palestine, as a step
towards a socialist federation of the Middle East, with participation on a free
and equal basis.   What do the comrades think about this?  (Nestor? or Abu
Nasr?)   Hugs Xxxx   ps: thanks, Xxxx, for this post...    

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Statement from Maavak Sozialisti - Socialist Struggle, section of the Committee
for a Workers' International (CWI) in Israel [Written
before defeat of Barak by Sharon ]      

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