Fibonacci series -- and Culture

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>OF COURSE human beings from all cultures have the same native intelligence and
the same capacity for rationality. But does this mean that all CULTURES are
equally "rational"? Actually, during the time period under discussion, I think
it is fairly safe to say that the culture of the Arab world was more advanced in
many respects than that of Europe--and especially more advanced in its level of
mathematical and scientific learning. Since that was so, it seems fair to say
that the culture of the Arab world at that time was indeed superior to, and
"more rational", than that of Europe. Later on, with the more rapid development
of technology and science in Europe, you could reasonably say that European
CULTURE was, for a time anyway, "more rational" >than that of the rest of the

well, comrade, the European culture was able to universalize and  impose its
rationality. Economic and cultural imperialism played a role in the development
of science and technology in Europe. In fact, during the crusade wars in the
middle ages, Europeans made use of and exploited many of the scientific
achievements that they had borrowed from Arabs, and other non-Arab, non-Muslim
orientals. Then they built upon it. Math is one of those. It seems scientific
progress is a mixture, not uniquely European or non-European, although, of
course, west *likes* to attribute rationality to west only, which is an
imperialist and Eurocentric world view.     Many Americans are proud of cultural
pluralism here, and present it as uniquely American. In reality, however, the
only way non-American cultures can be rationalized or accepted here is by assuming
an *oriental otherness*. This Eurocentric world view assumes that East is
radically different from the west and the gap can not be abridged. Some people
do this for good reasons, romanticizing other cultures in the name of cultural
respect; some people do it for obviously racist reasons.. As a Marxist woman, I
am always pissed at when some Americans, for example, rationalize genital
mutilation to me in the name of *cultural respect* as if other cultures are
static, dogmatic or irresistible to change. They project their own
conservatism.onto other cultures On the other hand, I am equally pissed at views
telling me genuine Feminism& Socialism& Marxism can only appear in the west.
They restrict the definition of progress to western culture onl! ! y
(progress=rationality=reason=west). Socialism in the third world has proven this
invalid.     Xxxx       --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Ph.D Student Department of
Political Science SUNY at Albany Nelson A. Rockefeller College 135 Western Ave.;
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