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Follow up on Mine's question.

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> Statement from Maavak Sozialisti - Socialist Struggle, section of the
> Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) in Israel
>  [Written before defeat of Barak by Sharon ]
> The capitalists have failed to bring peace. Only the working class can
> bring genuine peace!

Only the military defeat of the Israeli bourgeoisie can bring "genuine peace".
Thus, it is not the "working class" in abstraction of the concrete relation
between the Israeli and the Palestinian working class who will defeat "the
capitalists". Ma'avak Sozialisti puts in the same place the Israeli bourgeoisie
and the Palestinian bourgeoisie, which is a strategic mistake.

>    After all the blood that has been needlessly spilled in the last days,
>    we stand today facing the danger of an even more unnecessary regional
>    war, that will multiply the number of victims of the idiotic policy of
>    solving political problems by military means.

This kind of unprincipled pacifism makes me sick. "Needlessly" spilled blood
has been a strong force in showing the Palestinians their determination to
exist. And which are the "necessary" regional wars? Those between both Israeli
and Palestinian workers against their bourgeoisies, I assume. Every battle
waged against national oppression of Palestine is necessary. That the bourgeois
leadership of Palestine may make this war a bloody defeat is a completely
different matter.

I am particularly disgusted at what follows:

> And the political
>    problems are clear to everyone who looks at the situation with open
>    eyes: Barak and his government did not even try to solve even one of
>    the social and economic problems that brought them to power, that hurt
>    both Jews and Arabs, and Barak's promises to bring and end to the
>    national dispute sound today like a sad joke. On the other hand,
>    Arafat and his partners who lead the Palestinian Authority used their
>    leadership in order to line their own pockets, and those of their
>    cronies, and to base the Palestinian Authority on a repressive,
>    corrupt regime.

First of all, it looks as if the Palestinian Authority and its evolution had
nothing to do with Israeli abiding presence in the area. And, second, who are
these Israeli Jewish leftists to lecture their Palestinian counterparts on the
qualities of their own leadership. This is outrageous.

>    Events of the last days prove beyond doubt that it is impossible to
>    genuinely solve the national question under capitalism, by way of
>    discussion between two leaderships, whose narrow political and social
>    base continues to be reduced on a daily basis, and by means of the
>    peace accords that serve only a small minority of capitalists on both
>    sides, and US imperialism. Arafats weakness is revealed in the fact
>    that he was forced to include the Hamas in government, and allow them
>    to appear in the Palestinian media, and release Hamas prisoners.

So that Hamas is a problem? Oh, but this is exactly what one would expect to
hear from Galley Tza'hal, the official radio station of the Israeli army. Not
from a Leftist group.

>    Arafat was forced to do all this in order to stay in power. In Israel,
>    Baraks government has never been weaker, and is based as it is on only
>    a quarter of members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). Barak, who
>    disappointed his voters in every possible way, will perhaps succeed in
>    including the Likud under Ariel Sharons leadership in a national unity
>    govrenment, under cover of the noise of war drums, but such a step
>    will only prove the governments weakness, and will not flow from the
>    national interest.

One can, of course, miss the target when predicting. But these guys of MS have,
in my own opinion, aimed at the priest while hitting the bell tower.

>    Only the Israeli working class and the Palestinian
>    masses can show the way forward to bring genuine peace

No peace can be genuine without the _previous_ dissolution of the State
of Israel. The existence of that state, even of a socialist Israel, spells war.
So that when MS states that the acquisition of full statehood by
Palestinians without "overthrowing Arafats rotten

>    capitalist regime, will not release the
>    Palestinians from the political and economic oppression of their own
>    capitalists and from continued economic exploitation by Israeli
>    capitalism, [which] will not amount to genuine independence. "

They are looking at the neighbour's dirty linen without realizing that this
linen has been stained, basically, by the Israelis _as a whole_ (it is not the
bourgeoisie, it is _also_ the working class while it does stick to the
bourgeois rule). Failing to see this implies that Palestinians are requested to
struggle against Arafat, which can be done, instead of fighting against Barak
or Sharon in an "unnecessary" war. It is obvious that

>  An
>    independent capitalist state will not fulfill Palestinian hopes to
>    genuine freedom from oppression, and the elimination of poverty,
>    unemployment and exploitation,

but for reasons very different than those imagined by MS. Because their
condescension towards the Palestinians makes them reduce "their struggle for
genuine independence" to the above chart of economic, social, rights. Genuine
independence, for the Palestinians, includes FIRST AND FOREMOST their right to
to establish their own kind of social justice, and a state that will ensure
their ability to militarily defeat Israel. Of course, this cannot be done by
the Palestinians alone, which is the second part of MS's mistakes: they don't
even hint that the struggle for revolution in Israel and Palestina is a
constitutive part of the struggle for the national Arab revolution.

National independence, for these great nation socialists, is reduced to a
progressive kind of "developmentism". And this is proclaimed in the name of
a Committee for a Workers' International!!!!!

Well, this is all I have to say on this kind of Tzahal Socialism.

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