Grundrisse translation question

Steven Matthews steve at
Sat Feb 17 14:47:23 MST 2001

I am a member of a reading group that is currently reading "The
Grundrisse". In a discussion last night of the following passage (Penguin
p. 140-1):

     Value is at the same time the exponent of the relation
     in which the commodity is exchanged with other commodities,
     as well as the exponent of the relation in which it has
     already been exchanged with other commodities (materialized
     labour time) in production; it is their quantitatively
     determined exchangeability.

a disagreement arose over the word "exponent".

What is the German word Marx uses that is translated into "exponent"? If
the German word is "exponent" also, is Marx using this word as: 1) a person
who favors or promotes an idea etc., or; 2) a raised symbol or expression
beside a numeral indicating how many times it is to be multiplied by itself?

Steven Matthews

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