IRSP: Stop Bombing of Iraq, Stop Renewed Attack on the Arab Nation

Danielle Ni Dhighe nidhighe at
Sat Feb 17 17:09:27 MST 2001

17 February 2001

IRSP: Stop Bombing of Iraq, Stop Renewed Attack on the Arab Nation

It should probably come as no surprise, given that an new American
President with strong ties to the US oil industry has recently taken
office, but event of the past few weeks indicate that the entire Arab
Nation is once again under attack by western imperialism according
to a statement by the Irish Republican Socialist Party's International

Spokesperson Peadar Baile explained that, "The resumption of bombings
in Iraq, without the slightest justification, are part of a larger
resumption of a state of siege against the entire Arab Nation. The Zionist
rejection of the entire process they had previously agreed to with the
Palestinian people in a formal treaty is yet another example of events which
herald a renewed era of aggression against the people of the Arab world.
Within this context, we can also add the ridiculous finding in the
Netherlands on the Lockerbie bombing--especially considering that Scottish
courts have three verdicts available to them, guilty, not guilty, and not
proven--it is beyond belief that the judges could have rendered a guilty
verdict against one of the accused in that case.

"Of these recent events, the renewed bombing of the Iraqi people is the
evokes the greatest outrage. The people of Iraq have been slowly starved by
the western imperialist powers--especially Britain and the United States--
for a decade now. There economy has been shattered, their infrastructure
seriously damaged, and their national sovereignty completely violated. Now
on top of that, the American and British lead occupation forces in Iraq are
raining new devastation on the long suffering people of Iraq. Children as
well as civilian women and men are being murdered and maimed by the latest
bombings. It is a crime against humanity," declared the IRSP spokesperson.

"The IRSP condemn the renewed bombing of Iraq and the inhumanity of those
carrying out these senseless acts of terrorism. We call upon the forces
presently occupying Iraq to withdraw and return national sovereignty over
their entire nation to the Iraqi people. We condemn those whose hands are
again stained with the blood of the Iraqi people, the same parties who
continuously tell us that violence is not an acceptable means of addressing
political objectives," the spokesperson said in conclusion.

"Stop the bombing immediately! End the sanctions against Iraq! Hands off the
Arab Nation!"

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