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> I don't quite see how what Lukacs says applies to DU. DU, it seems to me, is
> both rational and irrational. it is rational in the sense of expressing
> calculation and efficiency. it is irrational in the sense of valuing human life.
> I don't see how Lukacs addresses this point. wasn't he talking about the labor
> process under capitalism? I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Well, Lukacs went far more deeper than the labor process. What he states is
that "the whole cast of mind" (to put it grossly), the "structures of
objectivity" are structured through the labor process. That, is, whatever is
"rational" from an objectivist approach that separates subject from object,
value from fact, and so on, is "irrational" from the point of view of human
life and history.

DU technology, as well as any warfare technology, is the embodiment of this
basic distinction. It is a particular case of a general rule. To put it in a
different way, we socialists would not resort to gas in trench warfare, and
most certainly would not resort to DU technology in general warfare. These
technologies are aimed at either the rank-and-file taken as a mob or at
producing "collateral effects".

Though one should not be too taxative on these issues, because war is war, and
weapons are determined by the development of events (Clausewitz: each contendor
forces the hand of the other), this moral side of war is absolutely alien to
the structurally amoral objectivity of capitalism. The reason why is quite easy
to understand: since the most essential human relations under capitalism
generate an abstract rationality to understand things human, then humans are
treated as things, computed, weighted, and murdered as efficiently as, say, one
would kill smallpox viruses. That what is human in the enemy is not forgotten.
It is simply not taken into account, in the same manner nothing specifically
human is taken into account in any purely capitalist relation.

That is where I find the link. What you say above of DU technology can be
applied to the whole of the capitalist set of human and social relations.

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