history and class struggle

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sat Feb 17 19:52:05 MST 2001

it was a number of years ago when I read Lukacs. Nester is correct to argue
that Lukacs applies the theory of reification to all of social life under
capitalism. he links the labor process to the totality of social relations.
I guess the real question is if everythink fits, if it all makes sense. this
is not simply a philosophical problem. it is a political question. if we
link rationalization to science and the domination over nature as Horkheimer
and Adorno do, there really is no escaping this domination. history becomes
a night mare. the theory of reification holds out the possibility of
liberation from alienation.  this is why the opposition between Marx and
Weber is so important. Lukacs had studied under Max Weber before he became a

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