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The following article appears in the current issue of Green Left Weekly

Socialist Alliance formed

SYDNEY — Seven radical left organisations — the Democratic Socialist Party,
the International Socialist Organisation, the Freedom Socialist Party, the
Workers League, the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (Australian branch),
Workers Power and Workers Liberty — agreed to form a Socialist Alliance
after a four-hour meeting here on February 17. Another left group,
Socialist Democracy, was not able to send representatives but has also
agreed to join the alliance.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Progressive Labour
Party who took an invitation to join the Socialist Alliance back to their
group. The Melbourne branch of the PLP has recommended to the rest of that
party that it should join the Socialist Alliance. A member of the
Worker-Communist Party of Iran (in Australia) also attended and expressed
his personal willingness to join the alliance and take the proposal back to
his organisation.

Six of the 22 people at the meeting had traveled from Melbourne. Apologies
were received from a number of interested individuals who could not make it
to Sydney.

Organisations not represented at the meeting, but which have indicated that
they might participate in the alliance, include Socialist Alternative and
the Socialist Party (formerly Militant). A delegation was appointed to meet
with the Socialist Party to discuss particular concerns it had expressed
about the alliance in an email letter.

The meeting was unanimous that the Socialist Alliance should encourage the
inclusion of other left organisations. A national liaison committee was set
up as interim organising body and national clearing house. It comprises two
representatives each from the DSP and ISO and one from each of the other
organisations in the alliance, reflecting the relative size and spread of
the groups. Ian Rintoul (ISO) and Peter Boyle (DSP) would act as convenors.

Rintoul agreed to draft a document that summarised what was agreed by the
participating organisations about the process, structure and politics of
the alliance. This will be circulated to each of the parties that have
initially formed the alliance as well as to other left organisations.

The meeting was conducted in a cooperative and comradely spirit and was
driven by a strong enthusiasm for a united left intervention in the coming
federal elections. Meetings will be convened in most major cities within
the next few weeks to develop the alliance further. Public launches could
take place around the country from April.

[Peter Boyle is a member of the national executive of the DSP. Visit the
DSP web site at <http://www.dsp.org.au>.]

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