Another Attack on Iraq

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Sun Feb 18 09:15:25 MST 2001

The latest attack on Iraq raises some important issues, particularly in
US-European relations.

Firstly, I think it is intended to show that Bush is determined to throw his
weight about, irrespective of international opinion; there was much
opposition, including the governments of Russia, China and New Zealand, and
the Arab League.

Secondly, it was to demonstrate that the British government would support
not only in words but in action anything Bush wants to do. (I sometimes
wonder just what the USA would have to do before British governments would
object -- bomb London?) This is significant, as New Labour had been very
close to Clinton and the Democrats, and Blair wants to demonstrate that he's
just as close to Republicans.

Thirdly, it was a warning to European governments that the USA will ignore
them if they oppose it. The BBC News today said that the USA had not advised
the German and French governments that it was attacking Iraq. This, I think,
has a lot to do with the mooted European Army, which is backed by France and
Germany, but opposed by the Tories in Britain and looked upon with little
enthusiasm by Blair.

I can see Blair becoming more openly opposed to the European Army, in order
to keep in with Bush. I also reckon that Blair will be openly supporting the
Son of Star Wars project within a week or two. There has been quite a lot of
disquiet about the project within the British military and diplomatic
establishments, plus a lot of opposition in Europe, even amongst openly
bourgeois politicians.

Paul F

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