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Subject: Critique Conference

Critique Conference 2001- Socialism or Barbarism

3rd March 2001

Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
London WC1

9.30 Registration

10.00: The Current Crisis
Hillel Ticktin: Why this downturn is like no other.

Istvan Meszsaros: Comments on the Current Crisis

11.30:Workshops:Yassamine Mather: Iran +TBA.

1-2.00pm Lunch

2-3.30: The Political Situation
Savas Matsas: Seattle, Prague, Nice and beyond.
Latief Parker: South Africa and Finance Capital, an example from First and
Third Worlds

4-5.30: Barbarism: The former Soviet Union
Bob Arnot: The Failure of the Transition to Capitalism in the former Soviet
Mick Cox: Does Russia matter any more: The Implications of a failed
transition for the West.

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