Economic Separation: The Last Thing Israel Wants

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Challenge, no:64, Jan-Feb 2000

Economic Separation: The Last Thing Israel Wants

by Assaf Adiv

The notion of economic separation that Barak has been touting of late is nothing
more than a threat, the purpose of which is to pressure the Palestinians to make
political concessions. In fact, Israel wants to keep the Palestinian economy
tightly in its embrace. Economic separation could only lead to political
separation, i.e. real Palestinian independence. Israel's strategic interests
demand that it have absolute control over what goes on in the Territories,
whether a final agreement is reached or not. The Israeli dictionary has only two
terms: either direct occupation, such as it exerted from 1967 till 1993, or
neocolonialism - i.e., remote control by means of a Palestinian partner - as was
agreed at Oslo.   --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Ph.D Student Department of Political
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