Why Iraq Was Bombed on Friday ....or Que opinas tu Dave Duke?

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Feb 18 12:21:41 MST 2001

The question is.... Why was Iraq bombed on Friday?     It is an entirely
different question from.... Why was Iraq bombed, Period?     The answer
to that, involves The Middle East, Europe, Russia, and the geopolitical
message of letting the world know once again, who the Chief Terrorist
will continue to be.

But why Friday, and not Thursday or Saturday?     Does it even matter
what day of the week the bombs were dropped?      Who even cares?

Well the answer to that, is that the Republican Right Wing would have
cared.    Precisely because they are at odds with George and family over
a key political issue; US/ Mexican relations.

Pete Wilson rises from his political grave like a half-undead vampire.
The Republican Party is split right down the middle between The Rabid
National Chauvinists, and the Republican Businessmen.     And it was
necessary to bomb Iraq Friday, to keep this division from tearing
usunder.     And most of all, to keep it out of public light.

Here was the problem Friday for Bush..... How to go to Mexico and hug
Fox ala Clinton?      And not get burned by the more rabid sections of
his own Party?     They hate Mexicans, and Bush promising a new day
ahead in US/ Mexican immigration, binational policing cooperation, and
new travel and immigration laws is not something that they are ready to
embrace!     Yet that is the promise way down South beyond Dixie.

The Texas business community is at odds with their Republican cohorts in
the rest of the nation.    Their only regional allies within the
Republican Party are with the Miami/ Cuban oriented Florida Republicans.
But 'free trade' means money, and 80% of the Mexican/ US flow of
products enters or leaves via Texas.      NAFTA is Texas.       And
Texas Republicans are in a new love affair with their senyorita,
Mexico... with Fox at the reign.

It's more than just 'free trade', too.     It's Pemex, oil, and natural
gas.      Texas business interests are the US enterprises that most
shall benefit off any pillage of Mexican natural resources.

Texaco for Mexico!      OK, Cousin Slim?     Well Cousin might not be
totally happy, but he is now worth $8 billion US dollars.      He
probably won't be protesting too hard.

So back to Friday, the day Iraq got bombed......     This was also the
day Dubya went down to Guanajuato to practice his Spanish, and to eat
some food better prepared than the usual Tex-Mex.    Family day for the
Bushes and Foxes!      Hugs, smiles, and hand clasps all around.
All for Mexican TV.

But US TV was another story.      It was just another routine day where
the family Bush slaps Saddam around.      Like Father, like Son.
All the Hard Right Evangelical Nuts, Military Gung Hoers, and Jesse
Helms Wannabes could hardly get bitter with Dubya for being like dad?!
Could they?

One of the benefits of living here on the Great Divide (the Tex-Mx
border), is that one gets two propaganda systems for the price of one!
And what a beauty it is, to see how in little more than 6 months the
Mexican Propaganda System has gone from selling support for
'dictatorship', to selling support for neo-liberal 'democracy'.   Those
Mexicans hardly blinked an eye.     It truly is like our Two Party
System here at home.     And I'm beginning to feel more safe now!

The Mexican side had little to say about the bombs, and lots about the
hugs.     The US side had lots to sayabout bombs, and little about hugs.
And that's why Iraq got bombed on Friday.

It's going to be hard balancing act for Dubya.     His supporters are
even holding Texas state legislative sessions in Spanish!     Can he
hold the Republican Pearly Gates open for the Tex-Mex professional crowd
to swing inside and away from the Democratic Party, or will he get
bashed in by The Traditionalists?
Que opinas tu Dave Duke?    Que viva Mexico?      O que se chingue

Tony Abdo

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