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  Nestor wrote:   >That is, I am against the rejection of Lenin's theories on
imperialism. I would >like the comrades in Israel to explain that while Israel
remains a Zionist >state, then there will never exist a prospect of war.   True.
but what is still implicated in your assumption that there can be a different
Israeli state other than a Zionist state. Note your emphasis on "while Israel
remains a Zionist state". Should we imply from this that that if Israel does not
remain a Zionist state, there will "exist a prospect of war"? If any Isreali
state is by _definition_ a Zionist state, there can not any possibility for a
non-Zionist Israeli state either. Statehood for Jews directly derive its
definition from Zionism. One can not reject the latter while still remaining the
former. The solution is to reject the idea of _Israeli state_ total, not only
its current form.   >But no, the comrades in >MS dedicate long paragraphs to
criticizing the Palestinian Authority. When they >show that they are
consistently anti-Zionist, I may begin to have a milder idea >on their
propositions.   I don't think that there is any disagreement between you and me
that the Israeli left and working classes *should* be anti-Zionist.This is a
must, partly because I don't see all Jews as personifications of Zionism. For
this, however, we need some evidence, rather than assuming, that the Jewish left
can be anti-Zionist (although I have not seen a strong evidence for that so far) This
being the case, it is not under the monopoly of MS to criticize the Palestine
Authority. I disagree with them on this issue. However, many Palestinians are
not content with their leadership either. Does that mean that they have become
apologists for Zionism? The first rule of following Lenin's theory of
imperialism, if we want to follow it,  is not to rely uncritically on the
neo-colonial administration of PA. PA  has become a proxy for imperialist powers
by maintaining Palestine as a divided nation.It went against the original m! !
ission of  intifada-- a fully independent status for Palestinians as a nation
with its own state.     --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Ph.D Student Department of
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