history and class struggle

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at SPAMmindspring.com
Sun Feb 18 16:04:56 MST 2001

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> 3. He wrote in the 1960s about how the total system really was total, and
> how East and West were converging into a single monster. He insisted that
> just because one-party states *said* they were proletarian, doesn't mean
> they necessarily are. And he emphasized identity politics and culture as
> key zones of class struggle that previous radical movements had passed
> over. These are the essential insights of the 21st century Left.

Adorno unwittingly promoted capitulationism, surrenderism and ideological
pessimism. Force needs to be resisted with counterforce. Adorn loses sight of
the principle behind the struggle and condamns the struggle for using force.
Without forceful resistence, the exploitative system wins. Western imprialism
used this argument to condamn national resistence: that the cruelty of the
resistence is worse than the peacful exploitation of imperialism.  On the
surface, political terrorism kills apparently innocent people.  But it is
oppressive hegmony that forces the resistence to resort to terrorism.  The
killing of innocent people reminds the world that all is not well, that the
apparently peace and prosperity is in fact violent injustice.
All garrison states have the same opreational cahracteristics against their
enemies.  The difference is that socialist resistence does not consider the
people its enemy, even though the people needs to assume temporary sacrifices
to achieve their own freedom.
War is always hell, but some wars are fought to end hell, others are fought to
perpetuate it.

The attack of the social democrats on the revolutionary left is analogous to
an attack on penicillin for also being a virus, even though it is a virus that
kills the real lethal vrirus.

When I read Dicken's A Tale of Two Citites, I have never felt sympathy for
Dicken's doomed aristocrats, and never felt repulsion for Dicken's biased
description of zealous revolutionaries.  In Hollywood cowboy/Indian movies, I
alway view Indian atrocity as simple justice.

The Western Left's condamnation of violence is very selective.  The reason I
appear disproportinately incensed by biased moderators on LBO-Talk, Pen-l, and
Socialist Register is precisely this type selective condemantion of hostility.


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