Another Attack on Iraq

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Feb 18 17:26:24 MST 2001


> Now, I would add my grain of pepper: couldn't this blatant brutality by the USA
> show that this country is not as sure of its own power as it was, say, a decade
> ago? When one must show the fist, it is because the _mention_ of the fist is
> not enough.

Do comrades agree with Saddam Hussein when he says that these recent attacks are
because he continues to be the only Arab leader who champions the cause of the
Palestinians? I am asking people not to moralize about the Iraqis motives, I am not
particularly concerned with why he thinks Zionism sucks, but that he does. He states,
in a paraphrased sentence, that anyone who doubts that holding Iraq down is primarily
to force the Palestinians into the Oslo process with no bargaining chips, and anyone
who doubts that should notice the attack happened just after the election of Ariel
Sharon. There seems to be something to that, for the Canadian national paper that is
owned by Conrad Black (who also owns the Jerusalem Post) and Israel Asper have been
huffing and puffing inthe anti-Arab editorials section lately that Palestinians are
getting "too close" to Hussein.


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