CWI, Israel and the Palestinians

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Sun Feb 18 20:35:59 MST 2001

> 2. While attacking the notion that the Palestinians should wait for the
> rest of the Arab working class - "to the extent that it exists" - to catch
> up, you seem to think it an eminently practical proposal that the
> Palestinains wait for the Israeli working class which, apparently, is more
> of a starter than the Arab working class.  If I was a Palestinian, I might
> reasonably draw the conclusion that the millios upon millions of Arab
> workers - and millions more impoverished Arab peasants across a dozen
> countries - were a better bet than the Israeli working class.   But since
> I'm one of those people who believe the working class shoud have its cake
> and eat it too, my attitude, if I was a Palestinian, would be to go for
> unity with both the Arab working class, which is a very significant social
> force, and the Israeli working class.

I agree and I believe that is the CWI position reflects that as well. (see
my subsequent posting of excerpts from a CWI statement on the Middle East)
If the quotation you cite implies otherwise than I misspoke.


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