Another Attack on Iraq

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Sun Feb 18 21:51:44 MST 2001

  >Do comrades agree with Saddam Hussein when he says that these recent attacks
are >because he continues to be the only Arab leader who champions the cause of
the >Palestinians?   why? is Saddam's statement so abnormal????? that this may
or may not be the cause of  bombing is a different issue.   > I am asking people
not to moralize about the Iraqis motives,   well, this is not the right time to
ask when Iraq is being bombed, Mac...   >I am not >particularly concerned with
why he thinks Zionism sucks, but that he does. He states, in a paraphrased
sentence, that anyone who doubts that holding Iraq down is primarily to force
the Palestinians into the Oslo process with no bargaining chips.   That makes
sense..   >There seems to be something to that, for the Canadian national paper
that is >owned by Conrad Black (who also owns the Jerusalem Post) and Israel
Asper have been >huffing and puffing in the anti-Arab editorials section lately
that Palestinians are >getting "too close" to Hussein.   Canadian imperialist
media *must* be panicking about the radical Islamist movement that is, at the
moment, heading the Palestinian people en masse. Palestinian Authority (Arafat)
has not come "too close" to Hussein by any stretch. It can't; it is not a full
state, with full military capability and power. It will remain so if it
continues to be the part of neo-colonial administration. At the moment, PA
shares very little with Hussein, except the notion of Arab national liberation
at some abstract level.Arafat knows that it can not piss off US for the sake of
 Saddam.       Xxxx       Macdonald    

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