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Commenting on the new American-British raid against the Iraqi people, a
responsible source in the Hamas Movement stated the following:


Shortly after Bush assumed responsibility of the American presidency he
initiated his rule with an aggression against Iraq, the Arab Islamic brotherly
country, with British participation.

The Hamas Movement while condemning this American-British attack calls on the
Arab and Islamic countries to adopt stands that surpass condemnation and
denunciation. Hamas further calls for adopting a practical stance in support of
Iraq and its right to live freely and peacefully. The Movement calls for lifting
the oppressive siege against Iraq, which poses as an aggression not only on Iraq
but rather on the whole Arab and Islamic Nation.

We denounce the raid that comes at the beginning of the new era of the Bush
administration, which tries to picture itself as different and more balanced
from the Zionist approach of the Clinton administration in its dealing with the

It is strange that the American attack against Iraq falls at a time when the
Zionist enemy is continuing its aggressions against the Palestinian people
through increased siege, murder and displacement. At the same time that
administration refrains from condemning such aggressions ignoring the fact that
the holy Aqsa intifada had displayed namely the Arab and Islamic peoples’
cohesion with the Palestinian people in face of the Zionist aggressions and the
American project to impose hegemony over the region.

The Islamic Resistance Movement

Hamas – Palestine

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