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Nestor dijo:   >Certainly, Palestinians may believe that they have many a good
reason to
criticize and to replace their current leadership. That they are in their full
right to do so goes without saying. In my own view, they have every right to
>keep their leadership, change it, shoot it, ignore it, or whatever.
Here is some info on  Hamas's critique of PA:  

http://www.palestine-info.com/hamas/index.htm (Palestinian Information Center)

1 February 2001

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most Merciful

Hamas statement commenting on PA officials’ calls asking our people in occupied
Palestine 1948 to elect criminal Barak


With the approach of the Zionist entity’s premiership elections, more calls and
appeals are voiced by Palestinian Authority officials on our people in the
occupied lands 1948 to vote for the criminal terrorist Barak, leader of the
Zionist labor party, and to weaken chances of the criminal terrorist Sharon.


We, in the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, along with all of our Mujahid
people denounce such suspicious calls and regret such a low degree of
humiliation to the extent of appealing to our people to elect the terrorist
butcher Barak who ordered his army and soldiers to launch repressive and
terrorist campaigns against our unarmed people in occupied Palestine 1948
killing 13 people and wounding hundreds of others. That same criminal shelled
the West Bank and Gaza Strip cities with missiles using choppers and tanks
killing more than 400 people and wounding more than 20,000 others in a period of
four months. He also dispatched death squads to kill our people’s activists and
Mujahideen in cold blood. He is still threatening more such crimes and


Such stupid and rude calls send a clear message to Barak and Zionist enemy
leaders that despite Barak’s massacres the votes of our people in the occupied
lands 1948 would be cast in his favor and would attempt to save him regardless
of what he had done or would do, thus urging him to commit more suppression and
to repeat his bloodbaths.


The feverish attempts to salvage Barak from failure further represent a
desperate effort to save the so called settlement process, which is already
collapsing, and to save those betting on that alternative after our people had
affirmed rejection of that option and declared insistence on the intifada,
resistance, Jihad and martyrdom as the sole road to grab our rights and liberate
our lands and holy shrines.


The Authority’s attempt to deceive our people with its claim that the terrorist
criminal Barak was better than the terrorist criminal Sharon will end up in
failure. Our people no longer confide in the symbols of capitulation and do not
need anyone to pinpoint the enemies and butchers. Our people do not
differentiate between Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra and Shatilla, and Barak
the mass murderer of the Aqsa intifada. Our people do not fear Sharon’s threats
and are not deceived by Barak’s allegations. Our people’s slogan is let Sharon,
Barak and all occupiers go to hell and let our lands be purged from their dirt.

We appreciate the stand of our people in 1948 represented in their commitment to
boycott the election and not to vote for either of those criminal killers, since
such a stance coincides with the national and religious standpoint in addition
to our people’s higher interests.


The Islamic Resistance Movement

Hamas – Palestine

1 February 2001     --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Ph.D Student Department of Political
Science SUNY at Albany Nelson A. Rockefeller College 135 Western Ave.; Milne 102
Albany, NY 12222        

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