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disturbed at not being informed   Ankara disturbed at
not being informed

Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit clearly voices Turkey's displeasure over the US
bombing of Iraq as Turkey is not informed about the operation. Ecevit says the
new US administration has to consult Ankara over its Iraq policy as soon as


Ankara - Turkish Daily News

For the first time since Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990 Ankara has made it
clear that it did not approve at all of the United States' bombing of Iraq again
without consulting its allies in the region. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, who
seemed highly disturbed on being ignored in regard to the bombing, publicly
stated that the U.S. administration should consult with Turkey on the latest
developments in the region "in the shortest possible time."

The bombing comes at a difficult time when Ankara faces serious challenges in
the region. While Ankara tries to cope with new, hawkish Israeli Prime
Minster-elect Ariel Sharon, it now has to face escalating Iraqi tension. Ankara
has recently upgraded its diplomatic relations with Iraq by sending Mehmet Akat
to Baghdad as Turkey's ambassador and this actually aroused reaction from
Washington. Reacting to Turkey's upgrading of its diplomatic mission to Iraq,
the U.S. State Department indicated that they regretted Turkey's decision but
hoped that the Turkish ambassador would remind the Iraqi leadership that they
had to comply with U.N. resolutions.

Turkey has on countless occasions voiced its concerns over the U.N. embargo on
Iraq as Ankara has become the country that has suffered the most from the U.N.
sanctions. As trade between Turkey and Iraq virtually ended, the outlawed
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terror dramatically increased in the wake of the
Gulf War. Turkey has newly revitalized its border trade with Iraq in very small
amounts. However, the latest U.S. bombing will be detrimental to the newly
flourishing trade.

An angry Ecevit openly declared his displeasure over the bombing and said, "We
followed the military operation in Iraq by the United States and Great Britain
with attention and concern." Stressing that Turkey and the United States had
very special relations over Iraq, Ecevit said the United States had to inform
Ankara over the military operation. He stressed that they have conveyed Ankara's
displeasure to Washington.

Responding to reporters' questions in Ankara on Saturday, Ecevit remarked that
it would be better for the new American administration to consult Turkey on its
Iraqi policy in the shortest possible time. "It is understood that warplanes
stationed in the Gulf have been used in the operation," said Ecevit. "There has
been no demand or contribution from Turkey, generally and from Incirlik,
particularly. Yesterday's operation has once again showed that peace, stability
and tranquillity have not yet been established in Iraq. Naturally it has been
affecting Turkey which is a neighbor to Iraq. That is why it will be helpful for
the new American administration to consult Ankara over Iraq in the shortest
possible time." He underlined that he regretted the loss of civilian life during
the bombing.

'We did not consult the US over Cyprus in 1974'

While Ecevit clearly stated Turkey's displeasure over the U.S. bombing he,
nevertheless, said that the United States did not need to consult its allies for
a specific operation, occasionally referring to Turkey's peace operation for
Cyprus in 1974.

Ecevit was asked whether the reason for not informing Ankara was Turkey's recent
violations of the U.N. resolutions on Iraq as claimed by the American press. He
responded: "It is not only Turkey that has not been informed; no other country
has been informed about the operation. It will be a grave mistake to look for
specific reasons."

Referring to the Cyprus peace operation in 1974, Ecevit said the Turkish
government had not consulted Washington that time in a bid to stress that
countries did not need to inform their allies about specific operations.
However, he added that because Turkey and the United States had special
relations on Iraq, Washington had to consult Ankara. Asked whether the Incirlik
Air Base could be used by the United States in case the operation continues,
Ecevit said, "No." He continued: "Without our approval Incirlik cannot be used.
For our approval, the rules are quite clear." Ecevit indicated that he had not
talked to U.S. President George W. Bush on phone over the operation. He added
that he learned about the operation from TV news.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry made a statement Saturday and underlined that
the loss of civilian life during the operation was regrettable. Stressing that
warplanes from the Incirlik Air Base has not been used in the operation, the
statement said that the staff at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad was secure and
safe. The statement said they have been communicating with the U.S.
administration and added that the latest incident has shown the urgent necessity
for a comprehensive settlement of the dispute within the framework of U.N.
Security Council resolutions.

Demirel: Using arms solve nothing in the Middle East

Commenting on the U.S. bombing of Iraq, former President Suleyman Demirel stated
that the issue was not whether the United States had to inform Turkey on the
operation or not, and said, "The issue is whether using force has solved any
dispute in the Middle East until today."

Stressing that the coalition of 29 countries against Iraq in 1990 has diminished
to several countries, Demirel said Turkey has been pursuing its Iraqi policy
without consulting the United States. He indicated that the emphasis should not
be on whether or not consultations took place. Demirel said diplomacy should
replace using arms.

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