Turkish-Iraqi Friendship Association holds convention, calls for lifting of sanctions

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Turkish-Iraqi Friendship Association holds convention, calls for lifting of


Ankara - Turkish Daily News

The Turkish-Iraqi Friendship Association held its annual convention on Sunday,
and promised active and effective effort to push Turkey to struggle for the
lifting, or at least easing, of the sanctions against Baghdad.

Speaking on behalf of Iraqi Ambassador Farouq A. Yahya, Cultural Counsellor
Dourri said the latest U.S. and British air raids showed that jungle laws
dominate the scene in the Middle East, and drew attention to the suffering of
millions of Iraqi citizens because of the continuing sanctions.

He said one million women, children and elderly persons had lost their lives
because of hunger and lack of appropriate medicine.

He called on Turkey to take effective steps towards lifting the sanctions.

Also speaking at the convention, southeastern Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
President Mehmet Aslan criticized the sanctions, and said Turkey had lost at
least $100 billion in exports and bankrupted businesses as a result of the
economic embargo on Iraq.

Aslan said only the Ecevit government had really gone out of its way to push for
the easing of the sanctions, and had allowed crude oil imports from Iraq as
payment for Iraq's debts to Turkish food suppliers.

He said now it is up to Turkey to push for the lifting of the sanctions and if
this cannot be achieved to force the United Nations to allow Turkey to conduct
more trade with Iraq to offset its losses due to the sanctions, in line with
Article 50 of the U.N. Charter.

He also said the Turkish-Iraqi Business Council was established despite
obstructions and would begin functioning soon.

He said Turkey could raise its exports to $15 billion per annum if political
obstructions were eliminated and Turkey could freely trade with Iraq, Iran and

He said his chamber, which is the strongest in southeastern Turkey, would keep
the Iraqi-Turkish Friendship Association in every possible way to eliminate the
obstacles in boosting Ankara's ties with Baghdad.   --- Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Ph.D
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